AUGUST 17. 2019.

A Ferreytail Wedding




A long long time ago in a rural land…

There lived a princess named Dani. Now, Dani was a farm girl and the best bartender at Montana’s; she could make a double vodka cran in cowboy boots with her eyes closed! Dani was very busy pursuing music and had no intrest in finding Prince Charming. Not too long later a Duke named Luke appeared at Montana’s. Tho Luke was already a full-time RV salesman, he was searching for something else to keep him busy. Little did he know that it wasn’t going to be his new part-time job… So, Dani trained Luke the Duke on his very first day and Luke knew when he saw her that she was the one.

Time had passed and a companion of Princess Dani’s suggested to her that she should maybe start courting Luke the Duke. To her surprise, Dani had no clue who Luke the Duke was and had tragically forgotten all about him. Then she remembered him; the 1/10th Italian boy with the fake tan and charming smile! The two of them started to get to know each other and then Luke worked up the gumption to ask the Princess out on a date…

…And they lived happily ever after!


Our Engagement

On a warm Saturday in March…

Luke the Duke Ferrey was prepared to ask Princess Dani to marry him. Months leading up to this event Luke the Duke had been working extra hard to save up for a diamond ring. He got the courage to talk to Princess Dani’s Father about taking her hand in marriage and sweat a lot in the process. After getting his approval he began planning the proposal. He got help from his soon to be Sister-in-law Amanda to build a hexagon arch to put on the dock of Pitt Lake. Then he got Princess Dani’s sister, Assy to help lure Dani to the lake. At the time, Princess Dani had a bad case of the flu so it was a difficult process to convince her to go “buy a movie” with her. When they arrived to the Pitt Lake parking lot the Rnb/pop sensation The Weeknd was playing on stereo. Princess Dani then knew she was going to have the chance to marry her best friend…


Our Registry

It won’t be long until we say “I do”

We cannot wait to celebrate with you!

If you wish to bless us with a gift

A little bit of cash is what we request.

We are young and saving for all kinds of things

A house, a honeymoon, and wedding rings.

And just remember what means the most,

Is that you are with us to raise a toast!