A cool t-shirt trendy thing

well at least I think it is….

When hot weather starts to roll around I practically live in my swim suit and I like wearing comfy clothes. When it’s 30 degrees; Putting on a bunch of makeup and something tight to sweat through is not my favorite way to spend the summer.


One day I was at Winners shopping with my bf and there were all these really cool mens shirts and I was all like “how come they don’t make these in my size” and then I was all like, “wait, if I buy it in a small, it is my size.”

So now my new “cool t-shirt trendy thing” is buying mens shirts and making them crop tops. It’s cute. It’s cheap. It’s comfortable. The End.

Jk not the end.

Here’s what I do.

Step 1: Buy oversized shirt. Doesn’t have to be mens; I just think they fit better. I personally like Winners, I always find a good selection and they’re only around 12 bucks each. I am not a big fan of name brand names or phrases on the front of a shirt and I know some stores like American Eagle and Forever 21 have lots of that on their T-shirts. You could also get some from Value Village.


Step 2: Get some scissors. Preferably fabric scissors for a better, easier cut. DO NOT try and just like rip the shirt… it does work sometimes but sometimes it doesn’t and then you end up with this bs:

(That’ right. I carry my Costco Card on me at all times)

(That’ right. I carry my Costco Card on me at all times)

Anyway, You’re gonna wanna lay the shirt out perfectly flat and cut the shirt around your belly button. Do it straight and however short or long you want it. Keep in mind it will curl up on the end of the shirt a little bit! And since its not a tight shirt when you raise your arms the shirt will also go up. You can cut the back and front at the same time (maybe not if you’re using like craft scissors.)


Step 3: Once you cut the shirt pull on the fabic to make it curl. This will get rid of any imperfections from when you cut the shirt and make it all one straight line.


Step 4: Rock your sick new trendy awesome and amazing t-shirt anywhere! At the beach, the grocery store, going to the gym, girls night out, at the bank, at your mother-in-laws 50th, or just lounging around the house. (wow super multi purpose) !!


Here are some other styles I have! I found them all at Winners - Mens size small.