Look Ma I'm On TV

What the heck is happening.

So somehow, (actually I totally know how cause I like auditioned and stuff) BUT SOMEHOW I did my very first audition and booked the gig. Yep, you’re looking at Brenda Bowen. The hip chick that uses the Credit Karma App to go to Thailand and sing Karaoke with an old man. This was maybe one of the coolest weekends ever!

So cool. Can’t even explain how it felt when I got the call that I had gotten the part…. mostly because the call-back was the weirdest thing of my week. There was a major accident getting into Vancouver so I was major late, then they gave me a song that I had never heard before to sing (I had legit 2 mins to practice which is like okay I guess, cause this is what I’ve been trained to do in college - thanks teach) Then, I auditioned alongside a man that spoke zero english. So yeah, you could say that I was pretty surprised to find out that I had gotten the part.

Long Version: https://vimeo.com/309672990?fbclid=IwAR2h8Osy6FEPVRX7mFOZMQsYIo5ZshysAd251SFDdYYUb7eaiXq_uhTWEdk

S.O. To my Agent Sarah Davis

danielle severinski